eXtreme-Corvette-Body-Kit $5,499.00

fits on a 1997 - 2004 convertible, coupe, or Z06
consists: 1 new front bumper with an extra sharp look, 2 new front fenders - driver and passenger side, 2 new front wheel part cover, 2 new passenger and driver side rear fenders incl. sill/rocker rail, 2 new door panels, 2 new back wheel covers, 1 new rear bumper and  1 manual.
To save money, sell your old parts and wheels to someone else and install the kit by yourself.

price list C5 wide body                      

 rebuilding kit 




 installation only


 installation and painting


          Available for C5 coupe, Z06 and

          convertible. Our kit will be 

          installed on an original Corvette,

          not a replica.


        Price for wheels are depending on size. Price for painting depends on color.                    


                        eXtreme          original                                                                                                


7'5" (2.20 m)

6'1" (1.86m)

 front wheels

   9" x 19"


 rear wheels

 13" x 20"


 front tires

 245 / 35


 rear tires

 345 / 25



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