eXtreme-Corvette-Body-Kit $5,499.00fits on a 1997 - 2004 convertible, coupe, or Z06
consists: 1 new front bumper with an extra sharp look, 2 new front fenders - driver and passenger side, 2 new front wheel part cover, 2 new passenger and driver side rear fenders incl. sill/rocker rail, 2 new door panels, 2 new back wheel covers, 1 new rear bumper and 1 manual.
To save money, sell your old parts and wheels to someone else and install the kit by yourself.

price list C5 wide body

rebuilding kit$5,499
installation only$3,000
installation and painting$8,500
Available for C5 coupe, Z06 and

convertible. Our kit will be

installed on an original Corvette,

not a replica.

Price for wheels are depending on size. Price for painting depends on color.


eXtreme original
width7'5" (2.20 m)6'1" (1.86m)
front wheels9" x 19"8.5"x17"
rear wheels13" x 20"9.5"x18"
front tires245 / 35245/45
rear tires345 / 25275/40

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